▶ Infinite Hero Customization ◀
Choose your own Hero, hairstyle, hair color, and facial features!
Set up your Stats and Fight monsters to gain experience!
Level up to get better skills and fight stronger monsters!

▶ A Never-Ending Adventure ◀
Start your adventure with friends all over the world! (Or be the lone wolf, if you like that.)
Chat with other players around the world.
Take Screenshots to gain Muns!

▶ You Get a World Map! ◀
Customize your own "World Map" with different objects!
Even explorers need some time off!
Sell your creations at the market!

▶ Simple and Deep Battle System ◀
Deep mechanics, designed with a simple tap to battle and perform skills.
Battle monsters to gain EXP!

▶ PVP Duels ◀
Fight against other Players to become the Most Powerful Hero.

▶ Guild System ◀
Create your Guild and start adding up to 8 Nakamas.
Design your Guild to suit your needs.
Hunt Monsters with your Guild.

▶ WorldMap ◀
Travel around the World with your Flying Ship!
Travelling is Free for VIP Members!

▶ Pet System ◀
Capture Pets, Train them and let them battle with you.
Send them to explore and bring you items back.

◇◇ Story ◇◇

Episode 1: "Calling all Heroes!"
Long ago, the Dream World of Mosha was created by the great consciousness. It is a place where a a nice dream can turn into your worst nightmare.

The Nexus is were your journey begins.

Wake Up! Hero!

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Do you normally start with a character called MoshaGames and have over 4k muns...?

Hi, that is supposed to happen intentionally if you are not logged in or as a fallback if your login failed somehow. We are currently developing the next version of Mosha, so we recommend playing directly from https://moshaonline.com as the new version will replace this one :3

When I try to play on browser, I use the same email as my itch.io account and it says I need to log in with my itch.io account first even though I already am logged into my itch.io account.

The download version just whitescreens and does nothing.

Well check this ASAP. Thanks.

Its not Working  @Mosha Games

Thanks for the heads up. We will check this asap. We will post back when we got this solved.

(1 edit)

I Click Play And Nothing Happens Also On The Online Game Mosha Online Could you Help Me With Register?

(1 edit)

It seems it is now working.  :)

I can see What You Mean But uhhh Sorry Buddy I Click Play And Nothing Happens 

You can try refreshing, that might help. And, you can always go directly to the game through: https://moshaonline.com/play

We will continue doing tests to see if everything is working. Thank you.

(1 edit)

I've tried to create a character twice and both times have been logged in as an existing character named Ritsu. Their character page is here: https://moshaonline.com/ritsu/about I don't know whose character this is, but I hope they appreciate the two daily login rewards I got for them.

The game also seems to run very poorly and crash for me. I'm not sure what's going on here.

The character names I typed in are now taken, implying that the character creation was successful but the login was not. I've forgotten the first one, but the second one is named Locust.


UwU i luv the game

so much!~


And we really luv you too, continue playing my friend! UwU


Earthworm sally

Owo i logged out so i logged in again oof